Alphastride helps companies achieve their financial and strategic goals. Our clients include fast-growing companies and SME companies as well as financial institutions such as M&A Advisory firms and Investment firms. We offer our clients maximum flexibility (on-demand basis, part time basis etc.) which helps them to stay focused on their business critical operations

Business and Strategy Planning

A great business plan describes exactly how you will grow your company. It defines your roadmap to success and keeps you focused along the way. We can help you write a clear and concise business plan that translates your ideas and thoughts into a viable strategy

Financial Analyses and Modeling

A compelling financial model allows you to speak the same language as investors and financial institutions. It helps you understand your key value drivers, which are crucial to forecasting the future of your business. A financial valuation also helps you to negotiate the best deal when working with investors. Also, gaining insights into your KPIs is a must if you want to keep growing

Investor Ready Pitch Decks and Funding

Because we know exactly how investors think and what they look for, we can create investor ready pitch decks that contain only what is relevant. We help you to find the perfect investor who provides the best fit and the most value for your company, and we assist you from initial pitch to arranging the best terms

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About us

Alphastride is backed by a strong, diverse network of senior entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors with experience in a variety of specialisms

Ferdinand has worked in the fields of M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Due Diligence, and Valuations. With his deep knowledge, Ferdinand knows exactly how each financial party thinks. He focuses on clients in the Internet, software, and technology industries, and has built dozens of financial models and numerous pitch decks—he knows the ins and outs of the trade. He is prepared to roll up his sleeves and gets his hands dirty. Ferdinand also gives presentations and workshops to entrepreneurs to teach them about basic Finance topics.

I always try to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. It helps me to truly understand the problem and come up with a compelling solution – a well-thought-out answer. Ultimately, this will create more value for my clients



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