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We help fast-growing Internet and software companies with finance and strategy.


How We Help You

Rock-Solid Automated Systems

How to scale a startup? Begin with the end in mind, understand where you are going to. Alphastride believes that in order to really scale your business, you need a solid technical architecture for your finance and other operational processes, and that is what we want to achieve together with our clients. We will support your company with automation solutions bringing you a lasting advantage.

Financial Modeling and Dashboards

By operating a fast-growing company, you find yourself distracted by the daily stream of information that you receive, making the frequent important financial and strategic business decisions suffer. With our financial models, you can easily see the impact of various decisions, furthermore, we provide you with tailored-made dashboards and reports which give you the exact insights you need. MRR, CAC/LTV, churn, cash flow information are now available to you in a glance.

Fundraising assistance

We assist our clients during the entire fundraising process, ultimately with the end goal of getting the best deal for you. In order to do so, we will make sure you will come prepared into the process, this includes creating a compelling investment deck with the right storyline and approaching the investors with the best fit. No matter the challenge, we are there for you to help you through the process and advice you on topics that may be new to you – but we got your back.

Our Process

1. Quick scan

We will perform a quick scan of your company to provide an analysis of your core process flows. This can include an interview period with selected key employees of your company to better understand your business.

2. Get investment ready

From the outcome of the quick scan, we will determine the steps needed to move on to the next growth phase. It can either mean that you still need to fix some areas, or that you can proceed to prepare for an investment round..

3. Fundraising

We will get everything prepared before you go out into the field and engage with investors. With our team of industry specialists, we will assist you and we will closely monitor each step in your fundraising process to make sure you will successfully raise the investment.

Recent Success Stories

Entrepreneurship & Personal development Podcast

Alphastride provides a platform for people interested in Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and Health. Those industry experts share their journey, tips, and important lessons they have learned.

Mark van der Heijden quit his job a couple of years ago and launched project ‘The Backpacker Intern’. What was supposed to be 6 months turned out to be 2 years.

Mark van der Heijden
CEO Of Wanderbrief, Digital Nomad, Public Speaking


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Castor has developed Castor Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to enable researchers to capture high-quality, standardized data at the source and make it available for re-use.

Derk Arts
CEO & Founder Of Castor EDC, Entrepreneur, Personal Development & Staying Healthy


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Vincent is serial entrepreneur, current CEO of Stokhos, former CEO of Darwind. Stokhos aims to reduce the response time for Emergency Medical Services vehicles, such as ambulances, thanks to their algorithms.

Vincent van den Brekel
Stokhos, Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Disruption


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Alphastride is backed by a strong, diverse network of senior entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors with experience in a variety of specialisms

Ferdinand has worked in the fields of M&A, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Due Diligence, and Valuations for many years. From his experience, he gained the deep knowledge to develop an insight about the thought process of financial parties that mostly engage in Internet, Software, and Tech industries. Ferdinand has built dozens of financial models and numerous pitch decks, while also supporting the business community by giving presentations and workshops to entrepreneurs about basic finance topics.

I always try to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. It helps me to truly understand the problem and come up with a compelling solution – a well-thought-out answer. Ultimately, this will create more value for my clients

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