Sector: Marketing Tech / SaaS

HQ: Amsterdam

Founded: 2011


PlotProjects has a Location Based Marketing Platform which can be used by brands. Their goal is to bridge the gap between online and offline touchpoints of the omni-channel customer journey


PlotProjects was looking for someone who could help them with financial modeling, setup standard protocols for the month-end closing and setup KPI dashboards and management reportings


Alphastride has helped PlotProjects in various ways, we have created several financial models, cashflow models and KPI reportings which allow them to steer the company based on the right KPIs. Furthermore, we have created a standardized month-end closing protocol which allows management to keep up to date with the right numbers. Also, we have created a reporting package tailored to mangement needs


Thanks to the solutions implemented by Alphastride, PlotProjects:

  • has now a standardized protocol for month-end closing, reporting and KPI insights. This helps mangement to get useful insights and make informed decisions on a strategic level.

  • Also, Alphastride has advised PlotProjects at several aspects of the Angel round (e.g. Valuation, Captable management, discuss major terms etc.)